Hellenic Treasure GK


Hellenic Treasure GK

Hellenic Treasure GK” is a company which specializes in the marketing of high quality Greek olive oil and table olives.

Our strategic goal is to introduce the above Greek products of exceptional quality to the world market at very competitive prices.

Our experience allows us to choose every olive season (which starts in November) the best olive oil and table olives among hundreds of producers, from all the Greek areas.

Being present during the standardization process (bottling – labeling – packaging) we always make sure that the chosen product has been standardized.

Our  company  is  the  first  olive  oil  and  table  olives  trading  company  which  in  respect  to  our consumers  trades with  an  illustrative  front  label.  
Thus,  our  consumers  will  be  able  at  first  sight  to know  exactly  what  the product  they  are  buying contains  and  they  won’t  have  to  research  any further  to decipher  its  content.

EXTRA  VIRGIN  OLIVE  OIL  and  ORGANIC  EXTRA  VIRGIN  OLIVE  OIL  -  The  top  grade  of  olive  oil.

KALAMON  TABLE  OLIVES  and  ORGANIC  KALAMON  TABLE  OLIVES  -  The  most  famous  table  olives.