Hellenic Treasure GK

Hellenic Treasure GK” is a company which specializes in the marketing of high quality Greek olive oil and table olives.

Our strategic goal is to introduce the above Greek products of exceptional quality to the world market at very competitive prices.

We focus on superior quality Greek extra virgin olive oil, Greek organic extra virgin olive oil, Greek Kalamon table olives and Greek organic Kalamon table olives.

Our products combine exceptional quality with low prices, while carrying the European Union Quality Assurance.

Our experience allows us to choose every olive season (which starts in November) the best olive oil and table olives among hundreds of producers, from all the Greek areas.

Being present during the standardization process (bottling – labeling – packaging), we always make sure that the chosen product has been standardized.

The choice of our suppliers is based on several strict criteria of quality, since our customer satisfaction is a matter of great importance to us.

Our company always cooperates with companies who apply to all stages of production and standardization, certification of quality, hygiene and food safety, according to the European Union Regulations and with those of the International Olive Council.

Our company is certified for Organic Olive Oil and Organic Table Olives Trading by the accredited “Lacon Institute”.

Our Greek organic extra virgin olive oil and our Greek organic Kalamon table olives are products of organic farming and carry the European Union’s seal of organic certification. According to the International Olive Council, organic farming is a farming system that prohibits genetically modified organisms, synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The origin of our products is always certified by the Greek competent authorities, according to the European Union Regulation 1169/2011 for extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

The bottling of the olive oil is being done in dark green glass bottles and the packing of the table olives in plastic opaque buckets, so that they both are not affected by light and sun and they preserve their organoleptic characteristics (color, aroma, flavor).

Our company is the first olive oil and table olives trading company which in respect to our consumers trades with an illustrative front label. Thus, our consumers will be able at first sight to know exactly what the product they are buying contains and they won’t have to research any further to decipher its content.

Our company cooperates for sampling of cargo, laboratory analysis of sample, supervision of cargo during loading and sealing of container or truck, with SGS (Societe General de Surveillance) which is the largest private entity regarding inspections, verifications, controls, certifications and laboratory tests in the world.